Friday, December 3, 2010

About this blog

This blog is for students of enlivening change: therapists, teachers, coaches, nurses, physicians, chiropractors, seekers, meditators, yoga instructors… and all the rest of us, whom, for reasons that may extend beyond our ability to capture in words, are drawn to life-affirming change and clarity.

Part of my learning process has been to write: note taking, copying what others have said or written, and analyzing and synthesizing by writing. The blog entries which follow are all taken from my writings of the past 13 years, as I’ve learned to become a competent, effective hypnotherapist.

Over time I've been taught by several therapist/mentors to look at how people "work" and change in a way that is different from what most of us learned growing up. I don't know how to communicate all this to you in a nice set of orderly chunks. If you don't get something, skip it; as you read more entries I think your sense of what I'm pointing at will grow and come into focus in a way that that is natural to you.

Entries will vary. Some will be anecdotal or theoretical, dense or light; they might be quotes and sentences that I think evocative; and they will include stories inspired by my clients’ coming to change, as well as my own experiences. (Note: details and names will be altered to protect client anonymity.)

All are offered in support of people making enlivening change in their own lives and in support of those of us who, in turn, support others opening to more options in being alive and vital. And all are offered in gratitude to my clients, teachers, and mentors who taught me that our capacity for intelligent and life-affirming responsivity and change exceeds conscious imagining.

Comments are welcome.

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